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Crisis Training Partners

We have partnered with a variety of training organizations and service providers to assist in developing and nurturing the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to handle real-world incidents.

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Specializes in concealed carry and firearms safety training.


BlueRidge Armor has partnered with Brotherhood for Disruptive Innovation (B4Di) to provide end user equipment training as well as basic through advanced critical thinking and tactics.

Helping save lives by partnering with clients to establish a tailored emergency response plan and ensure responsible staff is properly trained to handle a crisis situation. 

Firearm and Active Shooter Training, Corporate Personal Asset Inventory & Defense Program, and Corporate Security Consulting.

Offers a variety of civilian & law enforcement training, team building activities, and unique party activities.  Services offered include rifle training, close quarter combat, family protection (women & children 10 and older).

Comprehensive and dynamic security solutions for the modern security risks for people and facilities.

Nationwide Security Consulting firm offering physical security assessments, crisis management training, emergency planning and workplace violence training.

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