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First responders are the foundation of America's front lines. We are looking for first responders who want to stay active and relevant in their community. Whether they are still working, retired, or just looking for part time work.

  • Who? YOU! As a first responder, you have years of on-the-job experience, 

  • What? School, House of Worship, Public Venues - All the places in YOUR neighborhood

  • Where? Your community. 

  • When? Right now. 

  • Why? Because our community needs protection. 

As a first responder, you have years of on-the-job experience. Experience combatting threats that are plaguing our nations communities every day. Schools, Houses of Worship, Public Venues - these are all places that were at one time safe but have been proven to be vulnerable to acts of senseless violence. As a S.A.V.E. Security Assessor, you can take your passion for keeping your community safe and utilize your expertise to help identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to bolster security. 

This is a mostly work from home position. You determine your own geographical territory, whether that is 50 miles from home or 200. Utilize the relationships you already have in your own backyard. Maybe your church, maybe it's your neighbor's business, maybe it's your local senior-care facility; there is nearly no one that couldn't benefit from upgrading their own security. And you can help. Additionally, our call center will vet entities that need you to come out on site. While you are in charge of your own calendar, there will be no cold calling. 

Work as much or as little as you please. You take home the lion's share of the assessment fee. We also give bonuses on completed projects. 

If this sounds like a worthwhile cause and you would like to make extra money while continuing to make a difference, please 

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Emerald Communications, LLC

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