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Our Manufacturers

Welcome to our growing list of manufacturers. Here you can explore each one in depth to see exactly what it is they do and how they benefit our program. 

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Bullet and blast resistant commercial furniture. Bullet detection technology.

Bullet resistant fiberglass panels, windows and doors.

Entrance way weapons detection system.

Bullet resistant window shades, curtains, and door shields.

Hard armor shields designed with direct input from federal law enforcement agents.

Secure vehicle storage solutions.

Non-lethal self defense weapon.

Indoor geomapping and GIS data for local, regional, state and federal governments.

Custom ballistic fabrication

Custom IT  and cybersecurity services providing reliable and affordable solutions for small and medium sized business.

Digital dashboard providing operation awareness for digital signage.

Armed and unarmed protective services.

Digital signage.

Interactive whiteboards and touchscreens.

Access control solutions for a seamless and secure flow of facility occupants and visitors, simplify compliances, mitigate future risks, and reduce carbon footprint.

Secure key drop boxes and cabinets.

Commercial furniture provider for education, workplace, and healthcare environments.

Rapid access saferoom system.

Advanced laser-based firearm trainings.

Curable, design forward chairs built for the needs of modern professionals.

Offers quiet retreat and is ballistic safe to be used as a door blockade.

Comprehensive and dynamic security solutions for the modern security risks for people and facilities.

Integrated school safety solutions that enable schools to manage every stage of school safety.

Electric personal patrol vehicles.

A smart dashboard for detecting failures inside security networks. Sensor monitoring, alerting, and reporting technology.

Mobile shelter in place door blockade.

24/7 Command and control room furniture.

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