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The Security Assessment for Vulnerable Environments (S.A.V.E.) is an innovative program developed by Cameron Pach, CEO of Emerald Communications. Cameron has applied his successful experiences as a manufacturer's rep to this new endeavor. This approach has been newly implemented under the Emerald Reps division. Due to the increase in acts of violence, Federal and State Governments have allocated hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide to bolster security in public and private schools, as well as houses of worship and other entities. The S.A.V.E. program works with assessors, grant writers, general contractors and manufacturers to assist in enhancing security measures. Combining the skills and expertise of these partners maximizes our ability to assess and correct vulnerabilities, optimizing safety for every institution. 

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S.A.V.E. Program Partners

Emerald Communications has handpicked Assessors, Grant Writers, and General Contractors with your safety in mind. Learn more about who is involved and why you would choose them too. 


The Emerald assessment team is primarily comprised of first responders from around the nation. Current, former, and retired members of police departments, sheriff’s offices, and state police agencies, many with specialized Homeland Security training and experience as School Resource Officers are the core of our assessment team.  Former DEA agents, Secret Service, and other investigative and protective agencies also conduct assessments. Our team has the practical knowledge and on-the-job experience to assess vulnerable points in any structure or system. Their goal is to optimize physical and system-based safety in any environment.  Click here if you are interested in becoming an assessor.


Grant writing can be complicated, so we have partnered with Windworth Grants, a much sought after industry leader. With over 40 years of grant writing experience and a success rate of more than 80%, Windward Grants have been awarded millions of dollars and are licensed in all 50 states.


General Contractors

Emerald Communications has nurtured professional relationships with a nationwide network of General Contractors for more than a decade. Emerald’s contractors are familiar with working in sensitive educational and religious settings. Our contractors have partnered with the S.A.V.E Program and have committed to passing along significant discounts to create a safer community.

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